Themes for Production in Denmark


The six companies from Production in Denmark will once again focus on maintaining electronics production and know-how in Denmark. They do this by setting up six process islands in hall A, which acts as a ‘journey’ through electronics production.

Here, with tips & tricks, new as well as applied technology, automation and quality assurance, they will focus on key areas where you can typically optimize processes, ensure quality and avoid expensive dropdowns. All in one attempt to increase Danish competitiveness against foreign producers.

Lars Kongsted-Jensen, Director and Partner in EP-TeQ, elaborates:

“Several Danish companies are still planning outsourcing of production to a greater or lesser extent. Denmark is known for high technology knowledge and to be at the forefront, but we risk losing completely if we do not produce ourselves. It is, in our opinion, anxious that we send out knowledge and know-how out of the country, so EP-TeQ participates with five others in the “Production in Denmark” initiative at the E-18 fair in Odense Congress Center, 11. .-13. September.”

Production in Denmark consists of the six exhibition companies smartTec Nordic, Interflux Denmark, Eltraco Automation, EP-TeQ, HIN A / S and HYTEK this year.

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