Nikolaj Sonne guests E-18


Once again, an extensive conference program for this year’s electronics trade show (E-18) in the Odense Congress Center. One of the many lectures for the E-18 will be with the well-known DR host Nikolaj Sonne, who with enthusiasm and his curiosity for technology will tell about artificial intelligence today and in the future.

Drones, self-propelled cars, translation and speech comprehension. Artificial intelligence is already a major part of our daily life and technology is constantly evolving. The popular DR host Nikolaj Sonne will perform in an entertaining manner about artificial intelligence (AI) of the year’s electronics industry.

Nikolaj Sonne is, among others, known from the DR program “So ein Ding”, and for years he has been dealing with technology and gadgets. It is therefore an experienced gentleman whom the visitors to the E-18 can look forward to experience in the Innovation Zone Wednesday, September 12th, 13.00.

With his lecture ”AI – en kunstig intelligens steppebrand” he will show examples of artificial intelligence we already perceive as a natural part of our daily lives. In addition, he will give his take on where technology is heading and what we need to be aware of futurewise.

“The leather-minded machines are starting to look in the corners and corners of the world, and we’re all – knowingly ignorant – helping to train the machines. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between synthetic and real reality, and although many machines are almost better than ourselves, the “clever” machines can still be cheated – and we have no insight into the rationales. Fine if it is an image search that is skewed – but what if a doctor or judge is wrong? says Nikolaj Sonne.

The DR host will also take the ‘Judgment Day Machine’, a self-improvement machine, for his lecture on the E-18. What it is, please wait until September 12 at. 13.00 in Odense Congress Center.

About Nikolaj Sonne

He is an educated journalist and works daily at Danmarks Radio, where he has been hosting the tech program “So ein Ding” since 2009. Previously, Nikolaj worked as a journalist and editor at the gadget magazine, GEAR, where he won FDIM’s “Best Danish WebTV” award in 2008.

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