Design / Development in Denmark

Design and development in Denmark: The journey begins.

At E-22, we brought together the Danish development houses - and focused on the opportunities for development in Denmark.

The area “Development in Denmark” is back again at E-24 as “Design / Development in Denmark”, this time as part of the fair's brand-new concept with three different thematic areas that ensure you a very special electronics journey.

The first part of the electronics journey is called design and development. In Danish electronics development, everything begins with a design that not only creates form, but elegantly combines functionality with aesthetics.

By bringing together cutting-edge competencies from all over Denmark, “Design / Development in Denmark” offers a unique insight into how advanced development transforms visionary designs into commercial products. Here you can explore products designed and developed in Denmark – and dive deep into form, function, and production possibilities.

A World of Possibilities
Visit “Design / Development in Denmark” to experience how Danish design, development, and expertise create the foundation for the next generation of electronics products.

We have allied ourselves with no less than the brightest specialists from Danish development houses - with core competencies in project and product development.

“Design/Development in Denmark” will be an area with unique opportunities for networking and creating future business opportunities.

Companies in the “Design / Development in Denmark” area are described as:
  • Companies that have development as their primary business area.
  • The development takes place in Denmark – but it is also allowed to have development abroad.
  • These are companies where the majority of the finished electronic and/or mechanical solutions and products must contain mainly electronics.
  • The stands will have a minimum size of 9 m2.2.
  • The companies in the area contribute to conference tracks and/or workshops - so you have extra opportunities to learn more about design and development in Denmark.