Production in Denmark

Danish electronics are on a unique journey – you can experience it right here

Seven Competitors – One Strong Vision

When was the last time you heard of seven competitors coming together to support and strengthen a good cause? It doesn't happen very often – but it happens in the “Production in Denmark” thematic area.

The team behind “Production in Denmark” has a common goal – to keep manufacturing in Denmark and support manufacturing to become more competitive.

The seven competitors want to help their customers optimize their production and keep jobs in Denmark. This will be done with a greater focus on automation and the green transition.

Production of the Future

This is where the Danish electronics industry has a major competitive advantage when we compare ourselves to the international industry. We are not afraid to lead the way, which is why we have long been first movers when it comes to focusing on the environment, climate, and sustainability.

Automation is a key component in creating a more robust industry with greater security of supply and the ability to retain key workers. At a time when global supply chains are under pressure, local production with high efficiency becomes even more important. Automation plays a crucial role in maintaining production capacity and competitiveness in Denmark. In addition, automation drives innovation by freeing up resources that companies can spend on research and development of new products and technologies.

Ensuring strong and sustainable electronics production in Denmark is more relevant than ever. Therefore, innovative solutions must be brought to the table – and this is where “Production in Denmark” comes into play.

At the thematic area you can meet the companies SmartTec, Eltraco Automation, EP-TeQ, HIN, HYTEK, Interflux Danmark and Scanditron, all ready with the latest knowledge and innovative solutions. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the area and talk to the experts from “Production in Denmark”.