Tareq Arwand

FluidANT – A Superb 3D Printing Technology
v. Tareq Arwand, Director
Pulse Electronics

Unique and affordable 3D printing process developed for antennas and consumer electronics.

This unique technology allows conductive ink to be printed directly on 3D surfaces with wide use of applications; high efficient antennas for smartphones, tablets, wearables and IoT devices, or sensor- and electrical circuit printing.

No restriction to any material and fully possible to print traces on different substrate simultaneously; from plastic to metal and glass with the same trace – enabling full integration possibility.

An environmental conscious technology with no use of any kind of plating.

Director, FluidANT and Technical Marketing
                 Wireless Consumer BU – Pulse Electronics

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology – Sweden, 2004
International Business Program, 2013

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