Natalie Hernandez

Mitigating Thermal Mechanical Risks in the Electronics Industry
v. Dr. Natalie Hernandez, Product Manager for Sherlock Automated Design Analysis

Dr. Hernandez will explain the impact of thermal stress on electronic design, and the ways and reasons to analyze it. A key point in understanding and mitigating this stress is the usage of Reliability Physics Analysis (RPA) and the usage of CAD tools to implement it.

Electronic and mechanical engineers have long lived in separate worlds, with separate tools and languages, and communication between them has often been a challenge. How can we make sure both sides are in sync and can communicate changes efficiently?

Natalie Hernandez joined DfR Solutions in November, 2016 as a Product Engineer. Prior to joining DfR Solutions, she completed her PhD in Physics at Lehigh University and has since made the jump to electronics reliability engineering. In less than a year, Dr. Hernandez was promoted to Product Manager for the innovative design reliability software, Sherlock Automated Design Analysis. She frequently engages with customers, supervises the creation of new, exciting Sherlock functionalities, and is responsible for the strategic direction of the tool, assuring that it aligns well with the electronic industries’ ever-changing needs.

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