Leon Wanless

How to increase energy density and the growing demand for Energy Storage
v. Leon Wanless, European Distribution Manager

Photovoltaic and energy harvesting are becoming more  and more popular as  the supply of Nuclear and Fossil Fuels are changing.  We will  look at how this market is changing and the demands to store energy both for residential and commercial use. 

Many problems we face today is how to reduce the size of a device or add more features without adding more  size. 

Both industrial and consumer products are becoming more complex and more power demanding. We will  look at how to achieve the highest energy density both mechanically and chemically. 

A very important factor is safety and reliability, so may consumer products whether in the hearables or wearables sector are brought into the home or worn on  the body in some way, whether in the ear, on  the wrist or on  the chest.  There is no room to compromise the safety of  a product that contains lithium-ion batteries.  It is vital that production  process’ are controlled and accurate in order to make the safest and highest quality battery every time, whether you build 100pcs or 1M pcs, every one has to offer the same safety and performance standard.  We will look at how to achieve the highest accuracy in  production. 

Having spent several years in electronic hardware design, I moved into Energy Storage and battery systems in 2005.  Since then I have worked 5 years for a leading Asian manufacturer covering the European Market for Industrial applications supporting a range of chemistry systems, and 8 years in my current role at VARTA Microbattery, covering the European Market and also European projects that migrate to Asia.  Working for both Asian and European manufacturers has given a great insight into different manufacturing practises and why it is important to choose the right battery solution for your system without compromising quality or safety.


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