John Reilly

The Route to Power Efficient, Optimized, Custom Silicon.
v. John Reilly is Senior Partner Manager for Northern Europe

Creating your own silicon has many benefits – enhancing your product, reducing costs, and improving margins, to name a few.

Custom silicon isn’t just for traditional silicon companies though – many OEM and product companies are already reaping these benefits – and there is an opportunity for many more, coupling existing power-efficient architectures with mixed-signal technologies.

The market is changing – product suppliers are now enhancing their products and providng differentiation by using custom silicon. With the availability of low-cost silicon manufacturing, expert design service companies, and easy access to low-cost chip technology, a customized chip is now more possible than ever. This presentation will outline how you, as a product manufacturer, can reap the cost, size, power, reliability advantages of having a chip designed specifically for your needs. The presentation will explore the process of getting a custom chip – how to select the technology/IP to put in it, the manufacturing (foundry) process, the help that is available and the various programs (such as Arm DesignStart) that simplify this process.

Whether you are creating a smart home product, adding machine learning intelligence to an industrial controller, or making a smart sensor, this presentation will help you understand more about custom silicon and how it can help you create even better products.

John Reilly is Senior Partner Manager for Northern Europe at Arm, with responsibility for managing and developing both existing and new customer relationships in the region, helping ensure that Arm’s customers are successful in creating innovative new products. John has over 15 years technical sales experience in the semiconductor industry, building on his prior roles in design and applications engineering. John holds an MSc in Instrumentation and Analytical Science and a BSc in Physics from the University of Manchester, UK.


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