Chris Murphy

Analog Devices Sensor Portfolio Highlights
v. Chris Murphy, Senior Applications Engineer
Analog Devices A/S

Analog Devices provide sensor solutions for Industry 4.0, Smart Energy, Remote Healthcare, Automotive Electrification, Autonomous Transportation and many other applications.

We provide sensing capabilities that ensure precision, power efficiency, and robustness are at the highest integrity from the start, as well as signal conditioning capabilities that turn sensitive signals into useful information for solving challenging measurement problems.

This session will highlight ADIs current portfolio of sensors and the challenges they help customers overcome with a focus on Temperature Measurement, Smoke Detection, Inertial Measurement and Material Sensing.

Chris Murphy is a senior applications engineer with the European Centralized Applications Center, based in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked for
Analog Devices since 2012, providing design support on MEMS sensors, Isolation and Industrial Automation products. He holds a MEng in Electronics by research and a BEng in Computer Engineering.

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