Vidar Grønås

Digitalization for Manufacturing Test
v. Vidar Grønås, Sales Director

Data collected and stored from manufacturing test systems is too often used after quality or product issues occur. Data is used retroactively to investigate what went wrong, instead of analyzed proactively to identify problematic trends. In this session, learn from concrete examples how to detect problems and anticipate costly manufacuring issues.

Test Data Management is an extension of your test system. By using it proactively in your quality work you can identify issues that occur and deal with them in real time.

There are a lot of issues associated with data stored in an organization:
Formats – there are many different formats, xls, txt, databases, paper etc. Acquiring data from all of these in real time for analysis across them is complex.
Location – test systems and data may also be spread globally and even outsourced to contract manufacturers this will also impact your data collection system.
The right analysis – from our experience many companies select a bottom up approach looking for abnormalities on lower level KPIs instead of adressing the issue from the yield numbers and then be able to drill down into the data.

We will explain through examples on how you can use the data in real time and then show how issues are found and dealt with.

Vidar Grønås has been working in the electronics test area for more than 20 years. He has 20 years in various management positions at National Instruments and has been the sales director of Virinco for the last 3 years. He helds a computer science degree from University of Manchester.

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