Sven Karlsson

Compute Convergence
v. Sven Karlsson, Associate Professor
DTU Compute

Everything About Computer Systems is Changing, in a Good Way!

Systems which traditionally have been separated such as HPC infrastructure, cloud infrastructure and embedded devices are now merging. Furthermore, machine learning and deep learning has already become an integral part of all the aforementioned systems. This will lead to new challenges in design complexity but also opportunities in added value for users. In the talk, I will attempt to speculate on what will happen further down the road.

Dr. Sven Karlsson is, since September 2018, with Ericsson. Previously he was an associate professor at DTU Compute, DTU. He received a Ph.D. degree from KTH, Sweden in 2004. His research interests are in programming models, architectures, operating systems, and system software for parallel computers. His most notable achievements are the OdinMP C/C++ OpenMP compiler and the Balder cluster OpenMP runtime infrastructure.Both software systems have been commercially exploited. More recently, Dr. Karlsson has led the development of the Tinuso high performance soft core for FPGAs

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