Stefano Zammattio

Getting to grips with AI and image processing with Intel
Stefano Zammattio, Acceleration product manager

This presentation gives an introduction to AI and Intel’s approach to delivering a comprehensive AI solution.

AI is one of the industry’s current buzzwords and there are great expectations of what it can deliver in a diverse range of applications, but how do you start development and what tools are available to help you. This presentation gives an overview of what is required to develop an AI/DL solution and will describe the Intel® portfolio of development solutions with a particular focus on the newly released OpenVINO™ computer vision cross-platform toolkit. This will show how you can develop a real application using standard toolflows and easily create solutions that are optimized for different hardware platforms.

Stefano Zammattio is a product marketing manager in the Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for marketing Intel PSG FPGA acceleration products in the European region.

Stefano has been a member of the Intel PSG European technical product marketing team since 2004 covering a wide range of products including the Nios®II processor, ARM based SoC devices, embedded/industrial applications, low cost FPGA and Arria10 FPGA families. He has been involved in the computing and electronics industry since 1987 and has held roles in scientific research, systems development, engineering and product marketing/management.

Stefano holds a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Medical Electronics.

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