Siegfried Gross

Measurement as the foundation for the transformation of energy generation, storage, distribution and consumption.
v. Siegfried Gross, Vice President and General Manager Energy Solutions
Keysight Technologies

The energy generation industry is in a disruptive transformation from central energy generation concepts based on traditional sources like fossile or nuclear technologies towards a highly distributed system with new energy sources like wind, solar technologies.

On the consumption side the massive expected growth of electrical mobility as well as the transition to smart consumption fuelsthe transformation as well. The distributed nature of batteries in cars as an example match the nature of new energy generation well.

These trends require new grid qualification, structure and management as well.

All thee innovations are supported by new power semiconductor technologies which allow drastic reduction in size and increase the efficiency of building blocks.

Now – every innovation in technology needs measurement as a basic principle to gain insight and improvement – in order to innovate.

The talks describe the trends in a quantified manner deeper and connect the dots to measurement principles.

Siegfried Gross is managing director (chairman) of Keysight Technologies in Germany as well as vice president and general manager of Keysight´s AES Automotive and Energy Solutions business unit.

Gross joined Hewlett-Packard in 1984 as R&D engineer for optical measurement. In 1995, he became project manager for the company’s computer verification tools, and two years later for the remote management and diagnostic business. Prior to being named general manager for digital verification solutions, he served as the organization’s R&D manager.

In September 2001 Gross was named managing director of Agilent Technologies in Germany, served as general manager for the Digital Test Division from 2008 to 2012 and managed the broader Electronic Test Division until November 2015.

Gross was appointed managing director (chairman) of Keysight Technologies in Germany in August 2014. In addition, in November 2015, Gross became VP and General Manager of AES, Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Solutions business unit.

Siegfried Gross holds a degree in electronics engineering from the Berufsakademie Stuttgart.

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