Reindert de Leeuw

Why new technologies fail in business
v. Reindert de Leeuw, Head of Digital Services in Atos Denmark.
ATOS Danmark

Leveraging Cloud, Machine Learning, and blockchain in the connected business environment.

ATOS is a global leader in digital services with an annual revenue of 13 billion EUR and 100.000 employees in 73 countries. In the Nordics we operate in Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Sweden. With deep technological expertise and a wide range of solutions, Atos Nordics supports companies in their digital transformation and helps them future-proof their business.

Atos has recently formed a global partnership with Google Cloud to deliver secure hybrid Cloud, machine learning and collaboration solutions to the enterprise. Machine Learning is key to discovering and leveraging new business and marketing opportunities, but also demands secure solutions to protect data against cyber risks and ensure compliance.

Today, in the hyper-connected world with intelligent devices talking to each other and possibly equipped with cameras, the security and privacy concerns becomes even more relevant than ever. How to protect the connected devices from security threats and privacy violations?

One the most secure solutions that we see today on the rise is blockchain. We are now at the phase where the technology can become industrialized and break into “mainstream”. Although it first came into public consciousness in financial services and cryptocurrencies, blockchain, with its many benefits, such as traceability and high security, can be used in many different environments, such as government and IoT. Will we see a more rational approach to blockchain in the coming years, looking beyond the cryptocurrency hype?


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