Peter Aagard Kristensen

How to get started with Maker boards
v. Christian Ward og Peter Aagard Kristensen, Senior Project Manager og Vice President Technology

Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP8266 are some of the most common maker boards out there. Come and get an introduction to these and other kits which are used by makers and see examples of the cool things you can do with them.

Today maker boards are not only used by hobbyists – professionals like Prevas are also using them for prototyping – but always with a plan for how to move to final product. Selecting boards based on community, software support and product roadmap is good for both makers and professionals alike.

Torsdag d. 13. september kl. 11.10 i Innovationszonen i hal C

How to build your own mobile robot
v. Christian Ward og Peter Aagard Kristensen, Senior Project Manager og Vice President Technology

Come and hear the story about Prevas’ hobby club robot Pluto and how easy it is to build your very own mobile robot. With off-the-shelf boards & components and open source software you can get quite far in a short time and on a relatively small budget.

The Prevas hobby club has built the robot mostly for fun, but also because some of the components, like the Robot Operating System ROS, and some of the technical challenges are very similar to doing an industrial grade robot – just on a smaller scale.

Torsdag d. 13. september kl. 13.00 i Innovationszonen i hal C

With a M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from DTU and close to 15 years at Prevas, Peter has been actively involved in the technology of more than 60 different development projects – from ultralow power electronics to high-performance computing FPGA systems. Peter loves to lead people, business and technology and whatever time is left, is spent coding.

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