Michael Kasperski

Thermal Analysis for Electronics Design
v. Michael Kasperski, Mechanical Engineer

How CFD-based software can help meeting thermal design challenges during the development process.

The managing of the heat dissipated in electronics has long been recognized as a major challenge. As functionality has increased, following Moore’s Law, the associated heat dissipation has escalated, to the extent that this has been recognized as a potential limitation on the pace of electronics development. The challenge is to prevent overheating, and failure, of critical components via appropriate cooling strategies. By providing a means of predicting and improving the thermal performance of electronics equipment, CFD-based software has supplied an invaluable design aid in meeting these challenges.

Michael Kasperski studied Mechanical Engineering with a major in Fluid- Thermodynamics. He started 2005 at Mentor Graphics (formerly Flomerics/NIKA) as an Application Engineer with both pre-/post-sales responsibilities and has since then worked in a wide range of CFD-Applications

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