Lennart Edenfjord

Live Demo: Collaboration between electronic and mechanical engineering
Lennart Edenfjord, 
Application Engineer

Electronic and mechanical engineers have long lived in separate worlds, with separate tools and languages, and communication between them has often been a challenge. How can we make sure both sides are in sync and can communicate changes efficiently?

If you are constructing a compact design, you’ll want to make sure you are utilizing the space available as efficiently as possible when laying out your PCB. If your product is a big spacious box, there are still mounting points to keep track of. One mistake is all it takes to make a PCB incompatible with the mechanics. In this presentation we will examine the tools and methods available to engineers today to keep the electronic and mechanical domains in sync and avoid expensive respins.

Lennart Edenfjord is an Application Engineer with InnoFour and has 20 years of experience in the electronics industry. From smart pens to network cameras to mobile phone platforms, Lennart has worked with product development in startups, mid-tier and multi-national corporations.

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