Jesper Månsson

How PLM Can Help Smaller Businesses to Thrive
v. Jesper Månsson, Account Manager

Is PLM only for the BIG ones? What will a PLM system ever bring to me?

Come and listen to our presentation about Omnify PLM which is Engineering driven, with no consulting and implementation in days or weeks, not months or years. Internet of things (IoT) is becoming the way of the world and because of it, there are now more components being manufactured and more intricate design chain challenges than ever before. For small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), who typically don’t know where to start or have the required time and expertise to implement a PLM system into their processes, surviving this age of digital transformation can seem like a overwhelming amount of data crashing down.

Jesper Månsson is an account manager at InnoFour. He has worked 20+ years in EDA, MCAD and PLM.

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