Jens Lauritsen

Virtual Reality in Enterprise Businesses
v. Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer

We have seen a true tsunami of Virtual Reality devices and concepts over the last few years. Here’s your chance to understand – through concrete examples – how this will impact enterprise businesses.

The presentation will cover the history and future of Virtual Reality and it’s siblings Augmented and Mixed Reality. We will highlight concrete examples of implementations – both our own productions and other great works – and discuss how they create value in enterprise business operations, training, sales and marketing. 

Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer @ Virsabi. Leads Virsabi’s focus in the Mixed Reality soltions space. Virsabi is involved in a number of innovative projects building HoloLens applications with business partners such as MAN Diesel & Turbo, Maersk Supply Service and Rambøll. Jens has worked with digital business development since the early days of www.

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