Christer Ramebäck

Digital Transformation for the industry
v. Christer Ramebäck, Senior Vice President

How manufacturing companies should approach the digitalization hype.

Digital Transformation is a necessity for the industry, but there is not only one way to do this. The situation in terms of digitalization maturity in the industry ranges from relatively manual processes with very little IT support in many companies, to highly automated manufacturing plants.

Therefore, the digital transformation should be seen as a journey, which has to be tailormade for every individual company. If the immature companies are fed with high tech messages only, there is a risk that they turn away from the Digital Transformation opportunity, and gradually lose competitiveness and die. This presentation is giving examples of different approaches to to the digital transformation journey.

Christer Ramebäck has been working with industrial IT and automation since the early 80´s. In ABB he was heavily involved with the development of Asea/ABB from a Scandinavian supplier of control systems to a global leader of Industrial IT and Automation. The last 10 years he has been responsible for Prevas activities in the same area and a central task for Prevas is to help their customers in digital transformation.


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