Bjørn Sindahl Poulsen

IoT – Are you drowning in different platforms and too much data?
v. Bjørn Sindahl Poulsen, Senior Innovation & Information Security Expert

You have been hacked and received a GDPR fine because you have not properly protected the access to personal data.

Internet of Things is a very broad concept. From internet-connected cars and to a connector on a CNC machine. Everything that can be connected to the Internet is called today for IoT and it is incredibly confusing for both vendors and customers.

The new revolution which provides a huge potential for big data at the same time as great cost savings, is within the Low Power WAN IoT, where there also is several different technologies from several manufacturers.

One of these standpoints is LoRaWAN, which has been storming ahead in Europe, primarily in conceptual form, but is now taking the market with real industrial and consumer mature products. See some application examples of these products.

In Denmark, LoRaWAN is very common as many municipalities have chosen this standard, such as Frederiksberg, Aarhus and Odense.

Some of the major challenges with IoT are the security of the development and implementation of these products, data volumes and data standards for all these devices in a single environment.

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