Bernt-Olov Hellström

Wireless Charging, get rid of cables!
Bernt-Olov Hellström, Senior Field Application Engineer

How can we develop a design with wireless charging and some advantages with Semtech Qi

Semtech has a long experience in Power and Wireless charging and is influencing and shaping all three major wireless charging standards. “Qi” has now become the most widely used technology and Semtech has improved the performance and offering full design solutions up to 20W and 40W.

 Torsdag d. 13. september kl. 10.35 på Expo stage C3 

Why is a TVS needed at all?
v. Bernt-Olov Hellström, Senior Field Application Engineer

Because of time and cost savings, usually, a TVS isn’t on the top of priorities. Differences between TVS and other options will be touched and also the improvements in the latest products for HDMI, Ethernet, antennas, power lines and others.

The reasons why Semtech delivers a lot to mobile phone- and TV-industry even though the high price pressure.

Bernt-Olov Hellström, Senior Field Application Engineer at Semtech since 6 years. Also worked at 6 years at National Semiconductor and TI and 16 years at different positions in the Military industry as HW design specialist.

Torsdag d. 13. september kl. 11.10 på Expo stage C3 

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