Artur Jutman

Employing Embedded Instrumentation for Product Quality Assurance
v. Artur Jutman, Director
Testonica Lab

Today’s high-performance complex electronic systems bring new challenges in product validation and board-level manufacturing test.

Various means of calibration and error-correction that are incorporated into high-speed protocols tend to hide manufacturing flaws thus making comprehensive testing be an extremely hard task. Links transmitting at gigabit rates are especially susceptible to so-called marginal defects. Marginal defect often escape detection by commonly used test methods as they manifest themselves only under certain conditions that may sporadically occur during device operation in the field. As a result, undetected marginal defects may affect system’s stability and reduce its overall operating margin and profit.

This talk will reveal some critical challenges and demonstrate how the emerging concept of Embedded Instrumentation and respective industrial tool-box can screen out outliers and marginal devices in volume production as well as assist design bring-up and validation.

Artur Jutman is the founder and Managing Director of Testonica Lab founded in 2005. He has a PhD degree in computer engineering from TU Tallinn, Estonia. His professional focus is on embedded instrumentation, DFT, board/system test, and self-test.

Dr. Jutman has coordinated several EU-funded research projects as well as participated in organizing conferences and workshops around Europe. He is a member of IEEE and a member of the executive committee of the Nordic Test Forum society. Dr. Jutman has given several keynotes, invited talks, embedded and full tutorials at international conferences and symposia (having also published over 150 research papers).

Onsdag d. 12. september kl. 13.40 i Produktion i Danmark-området i hal A

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