Unique review of the production flow


There is a lack of components in the electronics industry and prices are soaring. Poul Juul from HYTEK gives good advice and a unique review of the production flow during the upcoming E-18 fair.

Today it is difficult to get the right components for electronics production. According to Poul Juul, head of consulting company HYTEK, it is due to an increase in demand, which has also resulted in longer delivery times and higher prices.

– The increasing demand for components means that it can be difficult to deliver on time and at the agreed price. This should be noted when making contracts. Companies may risk being unable to deliver to their customers, and the EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) provider may risk losing the order, says Poul Juul.

The high demand has also caused a problem in the form of more and more of the so-called counterfeit components, which are either direct copies or old versions with incorrect indigenous. It may be tempting to go without the big dealers and even get cheaper components with a faster delivery, but it warns Poul Juul against.

“It’s extremely difficult to quality assure the components and see if it’s copies or originals, so my advice is always to go through the trader, who guarantees quality – even though delivery time may be longer,” says HYTEK’s Head of the Center.

According to Poul Juul, the electronics industry is also challenged because companies often develop their products in one place, get the print layout somewhere else and eventually send the print to an EMS supplier. The lack of connection between development and print layouts and print production means that production can be flawed and it costs at the bottom line. A challenge as Production in Denmark teams focuses on during the E-18 trade fair d. 11th – 13th of September at the Odense Congress Center.

Get a review of the production
During E-18, Poul Juul will provide exhibitors and visitors with a guided tour through a typical production process. In Hal A there will be six process islands with focus on Design-for-Manufacturing / Test (DfM / DfT), traceability, quality assurance, rework, wash / paint and boxbuild / handling.

Here, Poul Juul will focus on the places in production, where it often goes wrong, as well as adjusting each trip to the people who participate in the team. And Poul Juul is also not sure which of the six islands in which the electronics industry has the most problems.

“Many of the development houses have challenges in the design section, so here I can imagine that we will spend some time if there are developers on the trip. But traceability is also an important area, especially for industries like medical and automotive, where it is a requirement in their production, says Poul Juul.

During all three days, Poul Juul will guide visitors and exhibitors through the six process islands in Production in the Denmark area of Hal A.

Production in Denmark consists of the six exhibition companies smartTec Nordic, Interflux Denmark, Eltraco Automation, EP-TeQ, HIN and HYTEK this year.

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