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Hardware and firmware for Internet of Things (IoT) is thus in place, and technology works in practice in several limited applications. But what’s the purpose of giving IoT its ultimate breakthrough? This will focus on the upcoming E-18 fair in Odense in its extensive conference program on the 11th-13th. September.

At the upcoming E-18 Electronics Center in Odense, a comprehensive conference program will usually be one of the messaging elements.

One of the focus areas will be on the implementation of IoT (also called IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things) in larger, integrated and functioning systems. Hardware and firmware for IoT is thus in place, and technology works in practice in several limited applications.

However, the full implementation of an (I)IoT community with embedded technology requires more efficient use of distributed intelligence, according to Per Bach professional consultant.

“The task is not so easy at all. But with the right products and methods, you can achieve very good results in a short period of time through the intelligent application of the market’s many platform solutions,” says Per Bach, who is looking forward to seeing the subject being unfolded.

Security becomes crucial
The ever widespread integration of communication and data exchange into large systems requires, by nature, more focus on the security of the systems. There is no direct shortcut to unique and secure systems, as everything requires some form of customization for the current application.

“We are taking the cool steps into a future where IoT becomes a realistic part of everyday life. And with a wise effort it can also happen without disturbances from hackers and other malicious people. We will also get this round at the conference, “says Per Bach.

There are therefore many good reasons to visit the Odense Congress Center in the days between 11 and 13 September.

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