Thomas Steen Halkier

2nd generation Wireless Mesh Network for reliable communication in Unlicensed Spectrum
v. Thomas Steen Halkier, CEO

Reliable wireless communication in unlicensed spectrum is difficult to achieve. Wireless mesh network topologies offers redundancy and robust link budgets which are key to function reliably.

Products which are designed to operate in the Unlicensed Frequency bands like 2.4GHz and 868/915 MHz ISM / SRD bands, need to cope with disturbances and noise originating from the many devices already operating in the same spectrum.
Lately LPWAN systems has been promoted for star network type installations relying on long range. There are however challenges in obtaining the advertised range due to amongst others noise.

This presentation will present the latest improvements in Wireless Mesh Networks which allows the entire network to run on batteries for many years, and at the same time deliver reliable communication in the noisy Unlicensed Frequency Bands.

This presentation will go over the fundamentals of radio link budgets, and how to account for noise. It will discuss what levels of noise to expect, and how this impacts the performance of the wireless system.

Furthermore, the presentation will provide insights into how it is possible to obtain years and years of battery life time in Wireless Mesh Network installations for all nodes, while still being able to use all nodes as routers/repeaters to ensure the integrity and reliability of the network. 

Thomas Steen Halkier is the CEO of NEOCORTEC who specialises in Wireless Mesh Network for ultra low power applications. Thomas has a long background with many types of wireless communication systems in various industries.

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