Nicola Dragoni

The Rise of Next-Generation Cyber-Weapons: Smart Objects, A.I. and Humanoid Robots
v. Nicola Dragoni, Professor
DTU Compute

As we embark on our journey of connectivity, digital transformation and artificial intelligence, we must make cybersecurity a top priority, preventing hackers from controlling our life.

The rise of connectivity, digitalisation and robotics, combined with the race for bringing artificial intelligence into every aspect of our daily life, is rapidly changing our society and shaping its future development. In this technological and societal revolution, cybersecurity has been too neglected: a hacked robot or a hacked smart object can act as an insider threat in organizations, industries, public spaces and private homes. This talk will show how hackers can control our life, including a case study of the well known human-shaped robot Pepper.

Nicola Dragoni is Associate Professor in Distributed Systems and Security at DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, and Professor in Computer Engineering at Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems, Örebro University, Sweden. He got a M.Sc. Degree and a Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Bologna, Italy, respectively in 2002 and 2006. His research interests primarily lie in the areas of pervasive computing and cyber-security, with focus on Internet-of-Things, fog computing, mobile systems and microservices.

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