Production in Denmark

Production in Denmark has been a fixture at Elektronikmessen for several years, and the giant machines will of course return for Elektronikmessen E-24!

Here they will challenge you in new ways and take a look at how we think about electronics production in Denmark.

Support for Danish Production

Production in Denmark is one of six themed areas that will give you a unique insight into the journey of Danish electronics and support the importance of maintaining Danish production.

The concept is largely inspired by the environment and climate change. This has opened up entirely new opportunities for a Danish electronics industry that takes the lead. As first-movers with a focus on the environment, sustainability, and climate footprint the industry enjoys a huge competitive advantage and financially profitable opportunity in the international industry.

Investing in the Future

The exhibition will focus on automation and handling solutions that help companies increase their competitiveness – and at the same time encourage more companies to move their production back to Europe. Automation helps create a more resilient industry with greater security of supply and the ability to retain key labour, which is an essential factor in these times.

It is more relevant than ever to ensure strong and sustainable electronics production in Denmark. There is an increased need to source locally when we look at uncertain supply chains and long delivery times. Therefore, good solutions must be brought to the table – and this is where Production in Denmark will contribute with ideas, solutions, and opportunities.

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