Production in Denmark

E-22 will see the popular Production in Denmark area return to the fair. Once again the area will challenge the way we envision electronics production in Denmark.

This year, the concept is different and inspired by the growing attention to the environment with the Danish governments plan for “reducing greenhouse gas with 70 % by 2030”as well as the increasing interest in climate and sustainability. If Danish companies do not follow suit and think forward, this can have a profound economic impact on the industry.

Investing in the Future
According to the Production in Denmark team this environmental angle is an investment in the future of Danish electronics production, specifically with the economic factor in mind. Therefore, the area will, among other things, focus on technologies that are good for the environment while at the same time cutting costs.

One of the most important objectives of the Production in Denmark area, is calling attention to the importance of maintaining production in Denmark and making sure it becomes more competitive. Thus the area will also be presenting a theme of solutions made to prevent Danish companies from moving their productions abroad as a consequence of the new energy initiatives.

The team behind Production in Denmark has set the bar extra high this year, and they are looking forward to working with this challenge – reducing the overall energy consumption of the electronics industry.

This year the area consist of the following companies:
SmartTec, Eltraco Automation, EP-TeQ, HIN, HYTEX, Interflux Danmark and Scanditron.

Furthermore Production in Denmark will introduce workshops and presentations at the fair.

Time and Place
You will find the Production in Denmark area in Hall A. Open during official opening hours.

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