Production in Denmark continues


The successful collaboration to focus on electronics production in Denmark continues at E-18. This time there are six exhibitors who will challenge the way we think of electronics production in Denmark. 

E-18 will continue to focus on production in Denmark when the doors will open on September 11 – 13 in the Odense Congress Center. Hal A will again form the framework for a large area called ‘Production in Denmark’, where lectures, workshops and six process islands will lead visitors through some of the most problematic processes in modern electronic production.

The exhibition companies smartTec Nordic, Interflux Denmark, Eltraco Automation, EP-TeQ, HIN and HYTEK will repeat the 2016 success and have reunited to contribute with machines, lectures and process technology.

This time we will try to focus on some of the many challenges that come through in processes from design through production and quality assurance to repair and box-build. The purpose is to focus on the process areas / issues that may be optimized so that Danish electronics manufacturers can become even more competitive, “says Lars Kongsted-Jensen, Director of EP-TeQ.

Several of the exhibitors were also part of the ‘Production in Denmark’ area in 2016. This year they will follow by the machine supplier HIN and the certification and test institute HYTEK, who are happy to help focus on how important it is to maintain Denmark’s position as a high-tech producer country.

– I said yes to being part of ‘Production in Denmark’ because we want to contribute all we can to the fact that electronics production is not outsourced. In Denmark, we are known for our high technology knowledge and to be at the forefront, and we risk losing if we do not produce. The ‘Production in Denmark’ group is at the forefront and shows how important it is that suppliers can make use of each other and jointly demonstrate a production process. It is for the benefit of all manufacturers in Denmark, and we are therefore pleased to join this year, “says Poul Juul, CEO of HYTEK.

The ‘Production in Denmark’ area was thought this year differently from 2016, where production lines were set. On E-18, visitors will be able to go through six process islands focusing on Design-for-Manufacturing / Test (DfM / DfT), traceability, quality assurance, rework, wash / paint and boxbuild / handling.

In addition, there will be a lecture area in Hal A, where the companies behind the ‘Production in Denmark’ area will contribute contributions and workshops that support the problem areas of the Process Islands.

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