Microsoft exhibits on E-18


When the E-18 runs from the stack d. 11th – 13th of September, there will be a well-known company among the more than 100 exhibitors. Microsoft has announced its arrival, which exhibits to this year’s electronics trade, as Microsoft will present a product innovation at the show.

With less than three months to open the doors to E-18, one of the electronics industry’s big companies has announced their arrival, which will be exhibiting at the Odense Congress Center, September 11th-13th.

It is the first time in a number of years that Microsoft has a stand at a major trade fair in Denmark, and the choice of electronics is not by chance either.

Besides providing visitors and exhibitors with the opportunity to meet Microsoft on a stand in hall C, Microsoft will also provide a platform solution that can be experienced at several locations during the show. Microsoft has made a software solution for industrial production lines in collaboration with Bila Robotic and Arrow ECS.

News from Microsoft can be seen on E-18 and R-18
This unique solution can be experienced in the exhibition hall dedicated to the Robmesse R-18, where a cobot arm from Universal Robotics will be set up. Here, the robot arm will perform a number of industrial processes where a number of data will be collected, such as temperature, pressure and many other factors to which the robot is exposed. This data is then processed and translated into easily understandable knowledge of the large data volumes in Hall C under E-18.

It is Arrow ECS engineers who, along with cloud specialists from the Microsoft Azure division, have developed the algorithms that process the collected data from the robot.

The purpose of Bila Robotics, Arrow ECS and Microsoft’s concept is to give visitors to the show the experience that the same solution can easily be implemented in many types of production lines.

At the Odense Congress Center you are excited about the cooperation on the new concept and also to welcome Microsoft as exhibitors.

“We are looking forward to bringing Microsoft as an exhibitor. Microsoft is a leading company in the electronics industry, so we’re excited to back up the E-18. I also believe that the new concept Microsoft has been making will be relevant to many companies, and therefore attract many visitors, says Søren Therkelsen, Project Manager for E-18 and R-18.

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