E-18 Conference program


The for the conference program themes at E-18 are now in place. We are planning a conference program with a high academic level based on the following topics:

  • Big Data, IoT, Industry 4.0, Cloud and Ai Sensor
  • Technologies and MEMS
  • Embedded High Performance Computing
  • Linux and operating systems
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • Power electronics
  • sourcing

The conferences are planned in close collaboration with the E-18 Exhibition Committee consisting of Morten Kreiberg Block from Arrow, Rune Domsten from Indesmatech, Geir Gaasland from Altoo Measurement Science, Henrik Valentin Jensen from DI Digital, Lars Kongsted-Jensen from Ep-Teq and Consultant Per Bach.

This year’s conference program focuses on new technologies, new trends and adds tangible useful knowledge for both visitors and exhibitors.

The goal for the E-18 conference program is to live up to the success in 2016, were 80% of the 3,600 visitors participated in more than 75 conference posts.

We publish speakers on a regular basis at www.elektronikmesse.dk. The conference program is expected to be completed mid-June.

If you have input or ideas for a post that is aligned with this year’s topics, please contact Consultant Per Bach at mail perbach23@gmail.com or phone +45 2810 9504.

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