Kamstrup attend E-18



Production in the Denmark area of the E-18 offers as something new this year a guided tour through a typical electronics production. And the Danish company Kamstrup has booked a private tour for 10 representatives at the fair.

There is a great focus on maintaining electronics production in Denmark. Also at the upcoming electronics fair, E-18, there is an area in focus. Therefore, six exhibitors have joined forces to create six process islands that act as a ‘journey’ through electronics production.

It has aroused interest in the manufacturing company Kamstrup, which itself also produces in Denmark and has a great interest in maintaining electronics production at home. Kamstrup has therefore booked a private tour of Production in the Denmark area for 10 of their employees on Tuesday, September 11th.

“At Kamstrup, we always seek inspiration to develop new methods and tools so that our products are produced right the first time. High quality increases our Danish competitiveness vis-à-vis foreign producers, thus retaining the expertise and workplaces in Kamstrup, says Joseph Vella Ottoson, Head of NPI at Kamstrup, and continues:

“We have a busy and exciting individual day in Kamstrup, so it is an optimal opportunity for our team to experience the great set-up on the E-18 together. At the fair we can be curious, get answers and be inspired together, which we bring back to Kamstrup and here we will continue the dialogue.

It is possible to go through the process islands, but every day HYTEK will also offer guided tours to visitors to the fair.

Production in Denmark consists of companies smartTec Nordic, Interflux Denmark, Eltraco Automation, EP-TeQ, HIN A / S and HYTEK.

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