Gadgets on E-18


The E-18 reiterates the success of 2016 and makes room for a comprehensive innovation zone in hall C. The innovation zone will, as something new, focus on gadgets and again offer lectures with innovative companies and experts who will bid for some of the many new opportunities the technology is on its way to.

It is among other things technology company Arrow, which will showcase the latest technologies and gadgets. It will be, for example. possible to see Levi’s and Google’s jacket with built-in sensors, but also electric paint and an automatic pancake printer, will find their way to the Odense Congress Center on September 11th-13th.

– An innovation zone must be a place where there is room for everything from the fun to the serious. And while some of our gadgets seem silly, they show what the latest technology and electronics can today and we can all be inspired by it. The common denominator for all technology professionals is the fascination of the possibilities, and in the Innovation Zone on E-18 we want to bring the inner child to the visitors, says Morten Kreiberg Block, director of Arrow Nordic.

During the E-18 you will also be able to hear inspirational lectures in the Innovation Zone, and the idea is that after the lecture you will be able to go down and see demonstrations of the technology you have just heard about. At the moment, we are also working to find companies that work professionally with VR and / or AI, who can come and tell about their experiences.

On the whole, the Innovation Zone should inspire the electronics industry to think out of the box and it is best demonstrated with gadgets.

“Our experience from E-16 was that everything from hardcore developers and CEOs thought it was fun to see some of the crooked things. And at a fair like the Electronics Fair we have the opportunity to show the gadgets that you only read online, says Morten Kreiberg Block.

And there is a good reason to pave the way through the Innovation Zone under E-18, because the ambition is to attract both innovative people and potentially new start-ups and idle visitors who need help to realize them.

– The exhibitors who are on the E-18 all have the skills and prerequisites to guide or help such a type of visitor further. This could include components, tests and software, or how we analyze and use data. I therefore believe that the Innovation Zone will be able to attract potential new customers or business opportunities to the other exhibitors on E-18, concludes Morten Kreiberg Block.

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