The E-18 trade fair builds on 2016 success


The E-18 Electronics Fair will be held next year on the 11th of 13th. September in Odense Congress Center, and of course, it is decided to build on the highly successful event in 2016.

By Lars Kristiansen, Electronics and Data

The E-16 Electronics Fair, held in early September 2016 in the Odense Congress Center, was the eighth in the series since its inception in 2002, and the fair was highlighted in several ways as one of the most successful. Over the three trade days there were well 3600 visitors, which was considerably more than the three previous fairs.
And with about 140 exhibitors covering the entire wide range of products and services – including active / passive components, board level products, wireless solutions, printing and related services, test and measurement equipment, development tools / software, design and consulting services as well as production equipment – there was enough to look at and talk about E-16.

In particular, the ‘working’ production lines, realized through a unique collaboration between different machine suppliers, contributed to giving the E-16 an exciting profile. At the same time, the organizers and the associated exhibition committee succeeded in putting together the most exciting conference program in the history of electronic messaging with around 75 academically well-founded conferences with both international and foreign speakers and many visitors.

E-18 continues the concept, but with several new faces
The E-18 exhibition will take place on the 11 th-13 th September 2018, and it is as usual the Odense Congress Center, which sets the physical framework for the fair. The organizer’s overall strategy is, of course, to build on the success and positive feedback from visitors and exhibitors in connection with the event in 2016 – while continuing to develop new initiatives.

Preparations for the E-18 are in full swing, the organizers have recently presented a strong mess committee that consists partly of some of the familiar faces, which also featured around E-16, and new but still known industry profiles.

The Mess Committee consists of Henrik Vallentin, Executive Consultant of DI Digital, Rune Domsten, Director of Indesmatech, Morten Kreiberg Block, Director of Arrow, Lars Kongsted-Jensen, Director of EP-TeQ , Geir Gaasland, Director of Altoo Meassurement Systems and Consultant Per Bach, who, as the original initiator of the electronics industry a broad contact with the industry’s many players.

One of the new in the mess committee, Rune Domsten from Indesmatech, was one of the front figures behind the extensive and praised conference program at E-16, but it is only now that he enters the mess committee itself. Morten Kreiberg Block from Arrow is also new to the trade fair. Together with his colleagues from Arrow, he was behind the idea of ​​the exciting SmartHome demo that appeared on E-16.

“At Arrow, we want to help develop the electronics industry, and of course, that’s why, I’ve said yes to being part of the E-18 Exhibition Committee. Today, electronics has become a large part of several brand-new industries. Therefore, my focus will be: be on how we best integrate the new industries with exciting lectures, new exhibitors and visitors, which will benefit everyone on E-18, says Morten Kreiberg Block.

New project manager for E-18
To tie the E-18 event together, the Odense Congress Center has employed Søren Therkelsen as new project manager. He previously held a position as Business Support Manager at Maersk Training, where he has been since 2010. Søren Therkelsen will focus exclusively on E-18 until the fair, which, of course, signal the organizers putting all the resources into another successful trade fair.

“The work with the E-18 is progressing, and I’m sure we will be able to make an exciting trade fair for exhibitors and visitors alike. I am pleased to have a strong trade fair and good business partners who have experience and knowledge from the electronics industry and from E-16. I am convinced that together we can create another success, “emphasizes Søren Therkelsen.

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