100 exhibitors


The sale of stands for this year’s electronics trade is the most important thing. So good that E-18 has already rounded 100 exhibitors who have announced their arrival at the fair d. 11-13. September.

There are three months to the E-18 electronics showdown at the Odense Congress Center, but already E-18 can present a three-digit number of exhibitors. For position number 100 is just sold and new inquiries from interested companies are received daily. Thus, this year’s fair is currently on sale at the level of the 2016 success fair.

“There is still a long time left for E-18, so it’s positive that it’s going well with sales. In addition to having rounded the 100 exhibitors, we are close to being sold out on square meters. This is due to the fact that more exhibitors want larger stands than hitherto. The fair in 2016 struck all records, and right now it indicates that this year’s fair will be even better, says Søren Therkelsen, project manager for E-18.

So far, E-18 offers 100 different exhibitors, ranging from machine suppliers to electronics manufacturers to development houses. The exhibition’s exhibition number 100 became the company IntelliFinder, making location-based resource planning systems, and they look forward to being part of E-18.

– If you’re looking for unique technology that can improve your business in a smart and easy way, IntelliFinder is the one you want to visit under E-18. We can advise companies in a better workflow, making it easier, smarter, less stressful and at the same time saving you resources. E-18 is a great place to meet innovative business people and we are confident we will have a lot of exciting conversations with exhibitors and visitors, “said Michael Kørschen, CEO of IntelliFinder.

Are you curious about who the other exhibitors are, you can see the exhibitor list.

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